Trans Lesbian Rhapsody ::The Trans Lesbian Series:: -Book 1-: April May Carter


Published: April 15th 2015

Kindle Edition

29 pages


Trans Lesbian Rhapsody ::The Trans Lesbian Series:: -Book 1-:  by  April May Carter

Trans Lesbian Rhapsody ::The Trans Lesbian Series:: -Book 1-: by April May Carter
April 15th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 29 pages | ISBN: | 6.53 Mb

She found her on a dating website. A pretty little thing in glasses.She could tell from looking at her photos that when the glasses came off, so did her inhibitions.The good girl image her pictures portrayed was a front.“Allie, stop drooling.” She told herself.“Nobody likes somebody who is too into them”.Allie clicked back to the girls profile, eager for any intel she could use to get into her pants.

Corey. 20. 3 miles away.Fuck it. Take the shot.“My doctor says Im missing vitamin u”.The corniest pickup line she could muster.She knew it didnt matter what she opened with.When a tranny pornstar flirts with you, it either makes your pussy wet or it doesnt.Other Works:Transgender High: 18yearold Trans Erotica“Transgender girl Allie Adams was always being asked out by guys, but her dad refused to let her have a boyfriend until she moved away for college, but when one of her old bullies transfers into her new school during her senior year, she has a hard time respect her fathers rules.

“**A First Entry In a Saga Length Teen Transgender Romance Series with an HEA**As soon as I was crouched down and facing my locker I received another shock.I felt him pressing himself against the back of my head, a sudden weight coming to rest on it, his huge frame blocking me off from the rest of the world, enclosing me between my open locker and his long, tall body.I couldnt resist.

I turned to the side, brushing my cheek against whatever was being pressed into it, nuzzling it, gauging its size.I dared to turn my face further to face it, rubbing it across my skin as I went, feeling it move under the coarse woolen material and shift to the side coming to rest under my nose and over my lips which began smelling and kissing him, respectively.There is no way he didnt know what I was doing, but he didnt stop me or back away, and with his body and my locker door blocking off any view of me, I felt him begin pressing into me harder, giving me permission to continue.I did just that, and more than I think neither he nor I were prepared for.I turned fully around and spidered my hands up his pants starting at his shins until they came to the side of the bulge he kept pressing harder and harder against my mouth.I pushed him away an inch and took hold of his zipper, pulling it down slowly before reaching in the open slit and pulling out the biggest cock Ive seen before or since, a beer bottle thick, security guard flash lite long, baseball headed specimen of a meat popsicle.

I had to rear my head halfway backwards into my locker to get it lined up with my mouth with it pointing straight at me.I was about to suck my first cock, and it was a big one.Want to read the rest of this story?

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