The Magic Walnut Dominic Leyton


Published: January 2nd 2014

Kindle Edition

107 pages


The Magic Walnut  by  Dominic Leyton

The Magic Walnut by Dominic Leyton
January 2nd 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 107 pages | ISBN: | 7.71 Mb

Written by Dominic Leyton and delightfully illustrated by Judy Elizabeth Wilson, this captivating story for children also deals with common issues such as loneliness, bullying, self-confidence and self-belief.A young swan called Terry is frightened of flying and, after becoming the first swan in history to fail the Swan Flying Test, is left all alone when the other swans fly away for the winter.Facing a perilous future and in danger not only from the cold and lack of food but also from the dreaded “swan-eating monsters” that allegedly roam the area, Terry is befriended by a physically challenged seafaring old mouse called Nunu.

Together they set out across the frozen countryside in search of a special magic walnut to help Terry fly, assisted by various characters along the way.With Nunu’s help Terry learns to overcome his problems and regains his confidence. More importantly, of course, Terry learns that the magic is not in the object… but in himself.Author Dominic Leyton comments: “At the centre of the story is the magic walnut itself, a crash helmet fashioned out of a walnut shell. At the very centre of the brain is a small gland called the ‘amygdala, and it is from this small gland that people get their most instinctive emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety and love.

The amygdala is actually shaped like a walnut - the word actually means ‘nut’ in ancient Greek - so in our allegory the walnut crash helmet is a symbol that represents the amygdala in the human brain.“Ultimately The Magic Walnut shows us that whoever you are and however many difficulties you have had to overcome in life it is possible to transcend your predicament and discover the magic of the soul that is within us all.”Whilst the theme of the book will certainly appeal to adults reading to their children, its message is subtly wrapped in a beautiful, heart-warming and amusing tale accompanied by stunning illustrations, a combination guaranteed to keep more accomplished young readers turning the e-page.

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