The Underwater Puzzle Cave #4 Marilyn K. Martin


Published: June 4th 2013


66 pages


The Underwater Puzzle Cave #4  by  Marilyn K. Martin

The Underwater Puzzle Cave #4 by Marilyn K. Martin
June 4th 2013 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 66 pages | ISBN: | 10.66 Mb

So everyone can swim. Correct? Major Jefferson greets the team, on a sunny Spring day on the Southern California coast. The paranormal investigators are back for another secret mission to shake deadly extraterrestrials out of a parallel dimension. And this time they need scuba gear and underwater flashlights, for a dangerous mission in an extreme environment that will require them to leave their para-hunting devices - and Solts Glock - behind.As the Major takes them by speedboat to a small off-shore island, he impresses upon them the gravity of this new mission: The Pacific Theater is heating up with Asian sword-rattlers, and the Pentagon wants to make sure there is no Alien Tech in an underground cavern crawling with deadly ETs who have already killed other divers.The paranormal investigators are soon on the job, and encounter more questions than answers.

So what is the purpose of this ET cave with its strange symbols arranged in visible light spectrum colors? And who are those spirits down in the shallow end of the cave? Things quickly go from bad to worse, with a shoot-out against aquatic-aliens that wounds several investigators - and then they realize theyre trapped.Can the investigators survive this bizarre ET Puzzle Cave? Can brain-storming and wisecracks save their lives before high tide?

Even if they get out alive, can they survive the wrath of the Major for disobeying a direct order? Get ready for a roller-coaster ride of danger, adventure and surprises when our determined team of para-hunters finally puts all the pieces together ....

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